This song is about everything I have seen around me while growing up. The song calls out people who are hypocritical because they do terrible things behind the curtain, but judge others for doing the same just to be accepted by society. It is about how people in power use religion to manipulate the masses. Prabh Deep’s verse is about how he is against people who are dividing the country on the basis of religion, caste and other socio-political factors.

- Ahmer

All Rights Reserved - 2019 Azadi Records

Direction, DOP, Editor, DI: Crevixa

Assistant Director: @mohitfornow

Edit Assistant: Vaibhav Bansal

Styling: Crevixa and Nought One

Makeup: Yogita Adhikari

Creative crew: Garvit Arora, Navodit Bedi, Prateek Bhatia, Nilutpal, Jind, Manav Raj, Sam Singh, Arnav Gosain, Kabir Bhan, Abhas Rawat, Ashish.

Special appearances by MC Kode, Yungsta and MC Soopy

Music Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Sez On The Beat

Lyrics by Ahmer Javed Dar and Prabh Deep

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