On Christmas Day, Prabh Deep premiered the video for “Amar,” a super-smooth horn section-aided track in which he’s actually talking about preparing for his death, his soul’s journey to immortality and even a fleeting reference to the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

He outlines the most important things to him in life on the song: “Iss duniya ch pehla pariwar mera/Duji meri neend mainu pyaari/Teeja mera kamm naale/Chauthi meri maut jiddi kara mai tyaari.” Family, sleep, work and a death he’s preparing for – that’s perhaps where the New Delhi-based firebrand hip-hop artist and producer’s priorities lie at this juncture. Despite the reference to ’84, there’s a separate album (tentatively called 84-18) that he’s working on, whereas his latest EP KING is “very personal.” He adds, “I got bored of rap, man. I wanted to try some soul and I suck at it, but I’m still trying. I’m not scared of experimenting and changing my sound. Some artists they’re really scared of changing their sound, because they fear they’ll lose their audience. With me, it’s different. Whenever I change my sound, I gain a new audience.”

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