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Latest Music Video - 'CHITTA'

Written and Directed by Aakash Bhatia, ‘Chitta’ presents a distorted mirror to the power structures of our society, which plays out like a power trip, one that you might be on, but the reins are in someone else’s hands. Featuring animation by Debjyoti Saha, ‘Chitta’’s storyline is filled with political commentary and easter-eggs from Prabh Deep’s previous videos and songs, presented in a unique format that represents the enormous progress made by Prabh as an all-encompassing creative individual.

Keeping It Litty LIT!

Since the release of his seminal debut album Class-Sikh, Prabh Deep has established himself as one of the region's most innovative and captivating artists.

The Delhi-based multi-faceted artist has evolved into one of the region's brightest visionaries, making his mark as one of the best storytellers in the game today.

While Class-Sikh was a deeply autobiographical project, Prabh showcased his ability to craft intricate and vivid narratives that spoke to larger audiences on his critically acclaimed ‘K I N G’ EP as well as his appearances on songs with fellow Azadi Records' labelmates Ahmer and Tienas.


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GQ – At home with Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep wants to make a hip-hop album without drums. No boom bap, no hard-hitting trap, no rattling hi-hats. “I want to create a meditative sound – something you can ...
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India Today: Perfect Track Record

New Delhi's Tilak Nagar reportedly has over a dozen rehab clinics. Some of the youngest in the area are addicted to chitta, a synthetic drug that's derived from heroin. In ...
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Mens XP – Prabh’s Creative Process

Prabh Deep has always been called the 'disruptor' in the music industry. The New Delhi-based hip-hop artist has been breaking the rules and creating his own genre of rap since ...
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Rolling Stone – Cover Story

New Delhi’s moshpit-starting, soul-searching star is now thinking beyond hip-hop in 2020. On Christmas Day, Prabh Deep premiered the video for “Amar,” a super-smooth horn section-aided track


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